Danny Ziemann enables bass players with results-driven education programs to transform your playing and get calls from the top jazz musicians.



These books from the acclaimed Low Down Publishing series, cover the fundamentals of bass line construction, providing useful information for players at any performance level. They have been endorsed by John Clayton, Rufus Reid, Larry Grenadier, Steve Swallow, Marco Panascia, Kristin Korb, Nicholas Walker, Jeff Campbell, and Morten Ramsbøl.
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Rufus Reid

Jazz Bassist/Composer 

Author: The Evolving Bassist

"Bassist, Danny Ziemann's new Jazz bass book, The Low Down, is chock full of pertinent and important information for the aspiring Jazz bassist...a well thought out and sequenced method to illustrate the myriad of options that we bassists have to become a more musical, swinging, and articulate bassist.  The information is clearly stated.  Now bassists, it's your time to go to work!  Congratulations Mr. Ziemann."



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